Benefits of using video for websites

Websites act as a sort of first impression for companies and organizations. Most internet users usually use this first impression as a way to decide whether or not they should peruse the rest of the site. As such it is beneficial to have content that will not only draw visitors in but keep them coming back for more. In fact it is on the basis of this that tenets of SEO are built. Quality as well as variety content is essential to the performance of any website.

With the advances of web technology as well as web design, plain text sites are no longer competitive enough. Despite their relevance and informative nature consumers are demanding more, in form of interactive media. They want to see images, graphics, and video for websites.  Videos currently form the most popular web content. Not only is video for websites eye catching as well as interactive but they are also informative.  Videos in fact can be used as a more effective way of communicating information to site visitors.

There are a variety of benefits that can be gained through using video for websites:

  1. There are attention grabbers: most first time visitors to sites merely skim through content and in the process are likely to miss important information. Using video for websites content solves this problem through summarizing the most important enticing details.
  1. They can contain a great deal of informational content: Unlike text which is practically one dimensional and limited, video incorporates both audio and visual content thus making it possible to cover double the content.
  1. They can help increase conversion rates for e-marketing and e-commerce websites: While the benefits of videos for websites are undeniable it should be undertaken with the utmost care especially where SEO is concerned. Unfortunately search engine spiders can’t watch videos, rather they read better.

As such it is important to include proper descriptions, tags and links in the site’s meta-data. Furthermore to ensure visitors actually visit the site it is important to make the video relevant to the business or organization. Include data that the customer wants to see.

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