Effective mobile web marketing

Internet marketing was the craze at the turn of the century when businesses realized they had a way to expand their territories and reach new markets. As technology advances markets are beginning to realize that they need to tap new avenues in order to reach their customers and prospects. One such avenue is mobile web marketing.

The number of cell phone users across the global continues to grow daily; all along with this grows the rapid raise in dependability that mobile users now have to their gadgets. Mobiles are being used for much more than simple calling and “texting”.  Today customers user their mobile web to check out prices of goods, locations and purchase options before they go out to buy. Mobile web marketi8ng is thus essential for both business owners and retailers both online and off.

There are a variety of ways to carry out mobile web marketing. Some of the most efficient are:

  1. Mobile web marketing mails: These should be mobile formatted and easy to read. While reading their mail, mobile users usually skim over the content looking for relevant details.  As such subject lines should be kept to at least 15 lines or less and include contact details and a clear concise description on the product.
  1. Send out target text messages: After obtaining the cell phone numbers of customers and future prospects you should build a data base. It is essential to the success of mobile web marketing to obtain permission first though.  This way when you disseminate the text you are assured of a receptive audience.
  1. Create a presence on social media sites: according to mobile web marketing researchers 3 in 10 Smart Phone users access social sites via their mobile browsers. Creating a presence on these sites will avail the business access to certain location relevant information.
  1. Have a mobile website: Customers on the move log on to their mobile browsers to get info such as opening or closing hours, location and so on. Having a mobile marketing site is the easiest mobile web marketing technique to ensure they have easy access to this.
  1. Mobile SEO: This will ensure that you turn up on mobile search engines. It’s important to remember while using this mobile marketing technique that mobile search engines can distinguish the different types of hand sets used. As such when designing target mobile promotions this should be kept in mind.

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