Essentials of SEO

SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization, a technique that is used to increase the ranking or visibility of a web site in search engine results. SEO generally involves the editing of website content and cooling. The aim is to improve the relevance with regards to specific keywords and to eliminate the barriers to search engine hindering activities. Before one can truly understand SEO and its relevance; they just need to gain an understanding of how search engines work and the basic essentials of SEO.

Everyday day internet users enter searches and queries on search engines such as Google. The result is a list of searches and web pages that contain the search term. Most users tend to visit the sites that show up on the first page of results as they deem them more relevant. Thus most site owners want their websites to show up on the first results page. The phenomenon through which this is made possible is SEO; an extremely resourceful web marketing technique.

While collecting results to a query, search engines perform a series of tasks that scour web content for the relevant text. The first is called ‘crawling’, where search engines send out “spiders” that see what sites contain. This is that entered in a directory for later retrieval. The process involves identifying the sites and text that describe the site/page; and ascribing specific keywords to them.

SEO is essential to improving web traffic, as it optimizes web sites for search engines. This simply means that it helps to increase the visibility of content to the site engine spiders. Thus indexing becomes easier. Search engines are mechanical tools they do not see things as humans do rather; they rely on texts as prompts. Therefore, though a website may have highly interactive visual and flash content; this may not register with the spiders. SEO ensures that all your web content is visible and relevant to search engine queries.

The process of SEO includes techniques such as editing site Meta data, increasing the keyword density of the site, adding links and tags. All processes that will help search engines calculate the relevancy of the site within its indexed directory. SEO is a continuous process that is aimed towards ensuring the constant improvement of website ranking and thus invaluable to those who want to increase and maintain their lead.

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