Make use of Google local to increase business

Many of today’s consumers search for goods and services online. Before going out to buy what they need most of them first search online for potential retail shops, their location as well as their business hours. With most of today’s consumers being highly mobile most of these searches are conducted on mobile web browsers when “on the go”.  To capitalize on this business owner’s need to invest in a good deal of web marketing.  This includes establishing their businesses presence locally on search engines such as Google local.

Google local is like a combination of Google maps and a business directory. Recognizing the importance of local search marketing for businesses, Google created a product that will connect consumers and local business enterprisers. Google local creates a space on Google maps for business owners to include details of their enterprise such as where they are located, services they offer payment methods and business hours.  As such every time someone enters a search related to a particular good or service, the search engine result page provides a listing of related local businesses.

The main benefit of Google local is that it highlights businesses every time a search is made locally.  Google local also makes it possible for businesses to conduct a more effective web marketing campaign. A listing on Google local makes it possible to:

  1. Add pictures and therefore increase the allure of the company, which is especially effective for hotels, bars and restaurants.
  1.  Give customers offers and discount deals. This serves to increase traffic to the business and establish a presence both online and on the streets.
  1. Promote the business through events announcements as well as coupon special offers. Through Google local, brief descriptions of interesting events can be given to entice customers to visit.
  1. Get reviews from customers: Customers can provide review on the business through use of Google local. This serves as free advertising as most consumers rely on word of mouth before making purchases.

To ensure the business get a good ranking on Google local it must be optimized. This can simply be achieved by duplicating basic business information such as name, purpose, location and contacts on as many sites as possible.

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